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There are many trusts you can apply for here is a list of trusts which may be applicable for your self or family members:


Protective Property Trust-

Is a trust which lets spouses or partners give them a life interest in their estates. 


Flexible Life Interest Trust-

This is highly recommended for high net worth clients and will help against IHT planning.


Disabled & Vulnerable Persons Trust-

This trust is for those who are disabled and may not be able to look after their financial affairs and may need to appoint someone to look after these affairs.

Right to Occupy Trust-

This trust means that the deceased person would like either their family member e.g. daughter, son, wife, or partner to remain in the main property or any other property for a number of months or even years before it can be split into an inheritance. 

Another example if Rose has one of her daughters living at her property at the time of her death no one can force her out of the home because they will have a Right to Occupy Trust in place.


Discretionary Trust-

The NRB trust is hardly used these days. After the rules had changed in 2006 a spouse could transfer their nil rate band automatically. 

This is still useful for unmarried couples because they can get access to 2 nil rate bands and it can be useful for IHT mitigation.


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